• NJ Division of Taxation has set aside thousands of income tax returns for additional review. Some screening criteria for this are: large refunds, out of state refunds, or refunds disproportionate to income. They don't have enough manpower to review these returns quickly so they have sent out notices to taxpayers alerting them of this. If you received such a notice, contact us so we can expedite the process. 
  • If you received a 1095-A this year because you purchased your health insurance through you may have to wait to file your return.  The wrong tax information was sent to about 800,000 customers. To find out if you are affected - log into and you will have a message OR call the customer service line at 800-318-2596
  • Effective in 2015, farms must generate $1,000 in base income to qualify for the real estate tax reduction. This is up from $500 in the past. 




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Cape May County Tourism & Sales Tax forms are due the 20th of every month

Federal payroll tax deposits are due the 15th of every month, if applicable